Dannet Botkin, Author of the Unleashed Book Series

Dannet Botkin, Author Biography


Dannet Botkin, marketing, sales, and operations professional with more than 28 years of experience, serves as President of Designs Group Consulting (DGC), an Arkansas-based marketing firm. One of her life-long dreams was to own her own company—so she founded DGC in 2015, making her dream a reality. Dannet says of her company, “We are brand builders, storytellers, designers, and operational gurus. DGC combines branding, material design, advertising, technology, digital marketing, marketing operations, budgeting, logistics, and strategic planning.”

Dannet’s business philosophy incorporates her belief that clients deserve a one-on-one, personalized approach to their marketing needs. She finds it personally and professionally satisfying to help smaller businesses navigate the sometimes-murky waters of marketing.

Prior to founding DGC, Botkin served as Marketing Director for Hot Springs Village (HSV) Property Owners Association from 2011–2015. During her tenure, her innovative accomplishments included opening a Visitor Center, which was part of a successful marketing strategy that created new life and interest in HSV. She was responsible for the creation of new marketing materials, advertising programs, and websites specially designed to showcase HSV—making residents proud to be living in the golf resort community. And, with the addition of several fun and attention-grabbing events spearheaded by Dannet such as a Zombie Run, Motorcycle & Scooter Show, Flash Mob, and a Sprint Triathlon that became a 7-year annual event, HSV attracted more visitors, some who made the decision to call HSV home!

Dannet knows the value of multi-tasking. She has managed operational projects that affected numerous departments—fire and police, public works, permitting, recreation, golf, development, and a Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as, multi-country projects such as a $3M+ gross revenue product production between South Korea, China, Italy, and two locations in the United States. She possesses a take-charge attitude. She managed national and international businesses, streamlined operations, upgraded technology, created and implemented marketing, sales, and public relations strategies…all of which reduced overhead and increased profits. Effective time management comes second nature to Dannet, she graduated with honors, (within three years, while working three jobs), from the University of North Texas and immediately went to work in the Buying Offices of Neiman Marcus in Dallas.

During her career, Dannet has worked for several well-known brands including Neiman-Marcus, Thomson-Leeds, Hunter Douglas, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Janet Regar, Warner Brothers, Giulio, Les Charmel, Ritratti, Chantal Thomass, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshalls, Bass Pro Shops, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom, and WellCare. Her international business career has included stints in Dallas, New York City, Tampa, and Barcelona.

Dannet is regarded by colleagues, customers, and friends alike as a fun-loving woman who is as compassionate and quality focused as she is beautiful. Dannet loves all things ocean and animals and finds spending time in nature to be restorative. 

Dannet currently resides in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, and though she is used to big city life, she says, “There is a quiet calm here that is serene and rejuvenating, and I love living near my parents and being surrounded by nature. I certainly enjoyed the cultural diversity and excitement of places like New York City, Tampa, and Dallas. Barcelona was certainly breathtaking. I guess I have experienced a real “yin and yang” in my life, with the places I have lived so far.”

In Hot Springs Village, Botkin currently serves as a Board Director for the Hot Springs Village Community Foundation. She is past Board President for the Village Loan Closet, (she turned the organization around from red to black financially), past HSV Area Chamber of Commerce Board Director, past Village Employee Benefit Fund Board Director, and past Board President for Progressive Connections, (a social club that fundraised for the local all-volunteer fire departments).

Robin Burns, Writer Biography


Originally a Washington, DC native, Robin Raborn Burns, spent her formative years growing up in the suburbs of southern Maryland. “I was never one of the outgoing kids in school. I had a handful of close friends. For me, as is the case for many kids, adolescence had its moments of loneliness -- I began journaling and experienced the healing power of words. I fell in love with the idea of becoming a writer.”

Robin, a human services major with a focus on mental health, enjoyed a career path that included case management, vocational rehabilitation, and working with children with autism. She is currently a freelance writer at Designs Group Consulting, where she enjoys fulfilling her dream by writing for a variety of projects, including Escape to the Ouachitas, a semi-annual travel magazine that features attractions and places of interest in Hot Springs Village and surrounding areas.

Robin currently resides in Florida with her husband Bill and rescue dog, Emily Grace. Burns and her husband are avid animal lovers, and each volunteered at a local animal shelter when they lived in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. Robin also enjoys designing and making jewelry, crafting home-made cards, and photography.