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Unleashed – Soul on Fire the Novel, Book One

  Unleashed – Soul on Fire the Novel, Book One, chronicles the life of successful marketing and sales professional Veronica Mitchell. Truly a superstar in her industry, Veronica possesses an indomitable work ethic, tough as nails attitude, and innate business sense. She is a bad-ass warrior; an unstoppable force of nature. Veronica is also a beautiful and genuine woman with an often-complicated romantic life as she navigates her way through the relationship jungle.

At a tender young age, Veronica is the victim of sexual abuse perpetrated by a neighbor. In elementary school she is the subject of relentless bullying. As an adult, she discovers that many powerful men are disingenuous, deceitful, and even worse, viewing her as a sexual plaything or a submissive prop to manipulate. Despite the hurt and betrayal she endures, Veronica never loses her compassion, integrity, and generous spirit. She remains kind-hearted and full of grace.

Veronica’s character is rich and multi-faceted. Woven throughout her many layers are her empathic powers. Her visions and supernatural perceptions have improved and even saved lives, often at great cost to her personal well-being.

Veronica’s journey of growth and healing as she comes to terms with painful events of her past and toxic relationships that threaten her personal health is truly inspirational.

Those who share Veronica’s experiences through Unleashed – Soul on Fire the Novel, Book One, will be uplifted by her courage and tenacity.

Many will relate to her personal struggles with pain and heartbreak and will cheer her on during her battles with those who attempt to dominate or destroy her. The life lessons Veronica Mitchell learns deserve to be shared, and they most eloquently are in this phenomenal story.